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The Pigg-O-Stat has been used successfully all over the world, by doctors, clinics and technicians for over 40 years. The satisfaction rate of these users is more than 99 percent.

The Pigg-O-Stat gives better quality radiographs with more precise positioning and radiation protection in less than one tenth of normal time with less than one half of one percent repeats. The scale in degree readings on table top ensures exact duplication of positions for re-check examinations.

The Pigg-O-Stat was designed by a technician with many years of experience with the problems encountered in immobilizing and positioning infants and children. Radiation to personnel is entirely eliminated. Psychological trauma to patients and stress and strain on parents is greatly reduced by our pediatric immobilizer.

If you are an authorized dealer, or would like to become one, call toll free 1-866-694-7444 to obtain your account username and password.

Modern Way Immobilizers, Inc. guarantees the Pigg-O-Stat Immobilizer to the extent that any part or parts returned to us postpaid within one year from date of purchase and found to be defective in material or workmanship by our inspection will be replaced free of charge, fob our factory.

Even though the plexiglass parts will withstand many times the stress and strain required to perform their purpose under proper use, they are not guaranteed against breakage since the manufacturers of plexiglass will not make such guarantee to us.

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  • Easily Adjusts
  • Rotates
  • Fits Form
  • Precise
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Under no circumstances will Modern Way Immobilizers, Inc. be responsible for misuse of this equipment or for any guarantee other than the above. We do not warranty the Pigg-O-Stat if replacement parts are used which were not manufactured by Modern Way Immobilizers, Inc.

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